notes from the front lines of the revolution: day 1

Yesterday, comrades, the sun shone brightly on the revolution! The day started with remarkable progress in the European Theater.

Comrade naseeral of Sweden tweeted:

Haha! @opensarcasm lanserar gratisalternativ till #sarcmark: ett upp- och nervänt utropstecken. ¡

Which roughly translates to:

Haha! @ opensarcasm introduces free alternative to #sarcmark: an up-and inverted exclamation point. ¡

And his countryman Comrade DMRsweden soon chimed in:

Detta har jag längtat efter¡ Screw you #sarcmark! http://opensarcasm.org/ (tack för tipset @naseeral)

Which Google translates as:

That I have longed for¡ Screw you #sarcmark! http://opensarcasm.org/ (thanks for the tip @ naseeral)

Well put, our Swedish friends.

Later in the day, Comrade Jared Newman of Technologizer brought word of our humble movement to his readers:

A month ago, a company called SarcMark began selling a special punctuation of the same name, intended to denote Sarcasm. As some of our commenters pointed out, punctuation shouldn’t cost money, and SarcMark was charging $2 for the privilege.

Now, a group called Open Sarcasm is staging a protest to crush SarcMark and replace it with an upside-down exclamation mark (¡), which text fields already recognize and doesn’t cost a dime.

A day of great progress for the freeing of sarcasm, indeed! Today, our struggle continues.

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June 10, 2010

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