Welcome to the Open Sarcasm Revolution

Open Sarcasm is a global revolutionary movement driven by the abiding, fundamental belief that sarcasm must be free. To that end, we bring you the Open Sarcasm Point (¡) and the Open Sarcasm Manifesto. Our goal is to free sarcasm from the chains of the capitalists who wish to charge you for your wit.

Join the Sarcasm Liberation Army by purchasing Authorized Open Sarcasm Wear from the Official Open Sarcasm Store, or by making a donation to support the cause.*

You can also send us an electronic missive in the revolutionary spirit: jointherevolution <at> opensarcasm <dot> org

Sarcasmists of the world, unite!

* Please note: Open Sarcasm is NOT a Non-Profit or a Not-for-Profit Organization. We happen to be unprofitable, but we are not a charity. Donations are accepted to defray the costs of web hosting and domain registration and are not tax-deductible.

2 Proclamations From the People on Welcome to the Open Sarcasm Revolution

April 18, 2010

OpenSarcasm is stupid. I can’t believe you people are wasting your time.

Comrade Nyet
June 15, 2010

Kept your attention for a bit, didn’t it?¡

Leave a proclamation, comrade.

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